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Image Retouching & Color Corrections


Creating pen tool path around Product and Model shots
High end Masking
Providing high end masks on Product & Models shots for Color corrections & Background Change
Image Retouching
We do Highend retouching works to our Customers on Fashion Models, Product/Clothing, Jewelry, Food, House appliances, Industrial Products, Room Scenes & Outdoor shots.
Flesh Retouching: Removal of blemishes, rashes, freckles, moles, scars and other imperfections on Model flesh.
Scaling images to the customer standards for Web services.
Swatch Matching
Changing Product colors to various Colorways (Eg : From Red T-shirt to Green,White,Black,Blues).
Image Composite
Combining of multiple visual elements into single image.
Shadow Creation
Holding/Creating natural shadows for various color backgrounds
Pattern Replacement
Replacing new patterns on Product shots & Sofa Images without affecting original details.
Pleasing Color s Handling Camera Raw tool for Image Enhancement
Our Re-touchers are experts in handling Camera Raw and color corrections tools in Photoshop.